Montreal Asphalt & Paving Specialists - Montreal Sealer is a company which specializes in the installation and the application of protective seal coating of paving stone, concrete, marble, granite and asphalt.

Services Offered:

- Asphalt Paving
- Asphalt Repair & Cracks - Pothole Repair - Asphalt Long Term Maintenance
- Protective Sealer for Asphalt, Paving Stone, Concrete and Brick, Marble and Granite - Cleaning and Sealing Services
- Excavation
- Lanscaping - Flower Boxes and Low Wall
- Paving Stone (pavers) - Permacon - Techo-Bloc
- High Pressure Cleaning - Jet Cleaning and Aqua Blast Cleaning
- Paint and Parking Lines
- Snow Removal Services
- Custom Manufacturing of Hot Box and Sprayers

Please visit our FAQ section for any questions you may have regarding asphalt sealer applications.

Paving Stone
Protective Sealer
High Pressure Cleaning
Paint and Parking Lines
Asphalt Paving
Snow Removal
Asphalt Repair and Cracks
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